We’re launching a completely new product this month – a vegan diet book. Not only that, we’re adding 2 more products to our store. One is for dieters (people who want to reduce their size), the other is for those who want to get bigger. Some people actually want to increase their size, to grow their muscles and get bigger. What they don’t want, is to gain extra body fat in the process. We can help with that as well.


A while back, we said we were going to create a vegan recipe book and that’s exactly what we did. Going plant based makes a lot of sense. Not only do you get to protect animals and the environment, you also raise the amount of fruit, vegetables and fibre in your diet.

What’s more, eating a vegan diet is a great way to lose weight. We know dozens of people who’ve joined the vegan revolution and all of them have lost weight in the process.


By cutting out meat and dairy from your diet, you could potentially lose a third of your body fat in as little as 12 months. This is primarily because of a reduction in calories. Foods with less fat have far fewer calories.

After going 100% vegan i lost 1.5 stone. A friend of mine did the same and lost 2.5 stone in less than a year. Together, we compiled all of our favourite recipes and placed them in this book.

The vegan diet is not the easiest diet to follow. The absence of meat can take a bit of getting used to. That said, we were surprised how quickly we adjusted to this new way of eating and we were even more impressed with results. As such it’s a diet worth trying, but only if you feel you can go without meat and dairy for a period of time.

More benefits of a vegan diet

Another consequence of the diet is a reduction of processed food. Improving your ratio of natural foods to processed is a great step to take. The obvious outcome is better health.

Swapping your intake of meat and processed food for natural whole-foods like fruit, veg, nuts and seeds, can boost your immunity, improve your digestion, reduce painful joints and ensure healthy bowel function. Better immunity means less chance of serious illness.

Someone that gets an anti-oxidant rich diet with plenty of fruit and veg, will have less free radicals floating around their body. As a result, they may be less prone to certain cancers. 

So it’s WINNER WINNER, NO chicken dinner. Go to our shop.

180 vegan recipe ebook


The launch of 2 of our goal orientated books. Both books are now available as standalone products.

  1. How to lose weight for good – the ultimate weight-loss guide
  2. Formula for muscle growth complete guide to increasing muscle mass

These books are from the specific needs collection and they are available now – just go to our shop – priced at £9.99

How to lose weight for good

If weight-loss is your main goal, you should definitely read this book. It is the first book in the specific needs series.

We can’t lose the weight for you, as much as we’d like to. But we can give you all the best knowledge and advice available on weight-loss. With the right know how you’ll be able to do it yourself. 

That’s the purpose of the book. To put you in the best position possible for losing weight. There’s so much conflicting information floating around on the internet. We dispel the myths and explain what really works. 

You’ll learn about calories and fat. What you can eat and what to avoid. Which diets work and which ones don’t. You’ll get lots of essential tips and find out which exercises are most effective if you want to lose weight.

How to lose weight for good will be very useful to anyone struggling with their weight. It is best used in conjunction with the diet plan, but can be very helpful on it’s own. Weight-loss is not guaranteed, but with this book, you’ll improve your chances of success.


Formula for muscle growth

If muscle growth is your aim, this is the book for you. It is one of the most informative books in the series. Not especially helpful for dieters, but very useful for those training with weights or who want to bulk up.

The book covers every aspect of body-building from diet and exercise to rest and recovery. Discover how muscles grow. Learn what to do inside the gym and what to do when out of it.

Get to know all the secrets. We reveal some of the best exercises and the most popular routines. We discuss advanced techniques and give you the tips and tricks used by many of the pro’s. 

Find out about glycogen build-up, protein consumption and the best use of testosterone. Learn what to eat, what to avoid and what you can do if progress slows.

This is a complete guide. It will give you all the know how you need for fast muscle growth. Get it if you mean business. With this book you’ll be able to grow your muscles faster than ever before. All about exercise may also be useful, but is more suited to beginners.

Other books in the series include:

Improve your energy – improve your performance

Improve your flexibility – maintain healthy limbs

Easy abs ebook – how to get a flat stomach