Terms and Conditions


Your order

Your order includes digital goods and membership. Digital goods include ebooks and online media as outlined in the package details on our website. Membership means access to our members support group or community page. All packages (including basic) give you access to our community page. Access gives you advice and support from members on our community page and on any other social media pages, as well as access to any future pages and forums.

Cancellation notice

In the event you decide to cancel your order, notice must be given in writing first.

Should you decide to cancel your order after it has been sent out, you must provide us with notice in writing within 24 hours of receipt of the goods.

You can give us notice by sending an email to team@180dietplan.co.uk and providing us with the following information, full name, payment address (email) and the order date.

Refund confirmation

Once we have received notification, we’ll send you a refund confirmation informing you of the refund amount.

Return costs

We will not cover the cost of returned goods, ‘the buyer’ is always responsible for any costs they incur when returning goods to us. No longer applicable.

Return address

Once confirmation has been received from our office, you can return goods to us at the following address: No longer applicable.

Non-refundable items

Our ebooks and diet plan are non-refundable products. Once downloaded, they cannot be refunded.

ebooks are non-refundable, because they cannot physically be returned. We reserve the right to levy a fee for each digital media product purchased and received. Also, we reserve the right to retain the minimum value amount (MVA) for all digital ebooks within any ordered package following cancellation.

Our diet plan bundle is non-refundable and is treated in the same way as other digital media products in our catalogue/library. Please remember, membership will be revoked following cancellation / refund.

Refundable items

Applies to diet plan packages only and for eligible customers – who have provided notification as specified in our terms (see cancellation notice).

If you receive an ebook, as part of a plan/membership package and you wish to cancel and return the package for a refund, you will incur a small charge, for each downloadable product received within any package. Once a refund is granted, the mva total will be taken off the total package amount and credited to your account.

Discounted Package Price (DPP)

Most of our ebooks cost £14.99 at the regular price (RRP), but are offered at a discounted rate (up to 60% off) as part of a package. We reserve the right to change the price of our membership packages at any time. This will not affect current members of the plan.

Minimum Value Amount (MVA)

Time and effort goes into the creation of our products, including ebooks. The minimum value amount is the minimum chargeable amount for digital products (ebooks etc) following cancelation. It is the smallest acceptable amount for any of our digital media products.

The MVA is set at £5 per ebook received within any package. The MVA for our diet plan bundle (plan only – no ebooks) will be 2×5=£10. This covers (the 28-day meal plan and the 180 recipe book). There is no mva for other items within the diet plan bundle, such as shopping list, exercise plan etc. That’s because these are shorter documents (only 1 or 2 pages) and do not form a complete product.

The minimum value amount is only relevant to canceled orders. We reserve the right to change the minimum value amount (MVA) at any time.

Postage costs

Outward postage costs will not be included in any refund amount. Return postage costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer and are not refundable. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Your refund

Once we’ve received notice you wish to cancel your order (including membership), a refund will be credited within 31 days.


The terms and conditions outlined above form the basis of an agreed contract. In purchasing our plan and becoming a member of 180 diet plan, you agree to accept these terms and conditions, our refund policy and contract. This does not affect your statutory rights.


  • when you order a plan with accompanying material, you will not be charged a monthly fee, you pay one fixed fee for lifetime membership. Membership gives you access to our members support group and community page for as long as you wish to be a member.
  • memberships are non-transferable and strictly for use by the named person listed on the order.
  • under 18s are not authorised, we are unable to accept orders from under 18s at this time
  • 180 diet reserves the right to refuse, cancel, change, amend or withdraw memberships at any time and without notice.
  • Your membership number remains valid for the duration of membership.

Cancelation of membership

From the date you cancel your order, you relinquish your right to the benefits of membership such as receiving advice and support from administrators and or members.

Gifts, awards and prizes

From time to time, we may send out gifts, awards or prizes to some of our eligible members. To be eligible, simply post a before and after photo on our community page (facebook page) along with any comments, such as weight lost, time taken, any tips you think might help other members, any difficulties you had etc.

Offers and Promos

Offers on products such as the diet plan basic bundle, may be for a limited time period. Sometimes offers will be restricted to a limited number of people eg. 500. Free items offered may be subject to a small admin fee to cover any costs incurred, usually only £1.99. We reserve the right to change or remove any of our promotional offers at any time.