young people sitting outdoors

Reducing obesity in the UK

Why has it become such a critical issue? It is estimated that 50% of all children in the UK either already are or soon will be obese. This is a problem for general health in normal times, but there is heightened awareness that obese victims of corona-virus are at more risk of severe illness and even death.

Government response

It is encouraging to see the UK Government is taking measures to help tackle the obesity problem. These measures are unlikely to have a huge impact on their own, but together they will undoubtedly make a difference. We welcome the changes, it’s an important step, but the results will likely be limited in the short term.

measures include:

  • banning junk food adverts before 9pm
  • banning sweets, crisps and chocolate at checkout
  • displaying calories on menus in restaurants and bars
  • showing calories on drinks menus in restaurants and bars

As such, we look forward to seeing more of this in the future. In the meantime, we as as a business are committed to our resolve, continuing to promote, encourage and advise on better eating. We remain focused on promoting healthy eating by encouraging people to make healthier choices and by advising on diet, nutrition and cooking at home.

small hungry child stood in trash

Food poverty is increasing in the UK

We’re saddened to see the increased need for food banks in this country and covid-19 will only exasperate the problem. It’s clear that more needs to be done to tackle this issue. We’d like to see more opportunity. Every household and family should be able to get basic necessities and a decent level of healthy food supplies without having to resort to food banks.

As a small enterprise, our ability to reduce food poverty is some what limited. What we can do though, is focus our efforts on promoting health, encouraging everyone in the UK to eat well, exercise and be as healthy as they can be. In addition, we can grow partnerships with food banks, schools, charities and community groups. We encourage families to think creatively about food and to get children excited about vegetables.

peas inside a pea pod sitting on a wood surface

Young Pea Chef of the Year

For the above reasons we like to promote and support local initiatives when we can, especially those which align with our main principles and focus. One such initiative which recently caught our eye, was the Young Pea Chef of the Year.

This is a Nationwide competition which challenges school children to create a pea focused recipe. Over 200 children entered the competition and 2,500 people voted on three winning entries.