basic diet bundle


Recently, we made the basic diet bundle (normally part of a package) available as a standalone product. Covid-19 continues to cripple the economy. With many people losing their businesses and their jobs, weight-loss is bound to get pushed to the back burner. Comfort eating may also set in.

This is a problem because the affect this disease has on those with underlying conditions as well as obesity seems to be much worst. The larger the person, the greater the risk of dying from the disease.

We therefore need to do what we can to reduce this. We launched this today because we want weight-loss to be accessible to every one, even during turbulent times.

This is what we posted on facebook.

We know people are having a tough time right now, many are struggling financially due to covid-19. With this in mind, we thought we’d create a product for people on a budget, so from today, you can get our diet plan bundle for just £25. Just head over to our shop at 180 diet plan.

The basic diet bundle includes the following:

  • 28-day meal plan
  • recipe book
  • allowances guide
  • carbs guide
  • exercise plan
  • shopping list

It’s simply a bare bones version of our main packages – no thrills, no extras, but everything you need and at great value. Now you can lose weight at home without being out of pocket. It’s a substantial saving on subscription services. Hope this helps and good luck.

basic bundle