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Meditation can help you lose weight

Meditation is being adopted in greater numbers, but for the vast majority, it doesn’t appeal. We tend to place mediation in the same category as alternative therapies like reflexology or healing stones. Some people like the idea, but are unable to make time for it. Others dismiss it as nonsense, a pointless activity practised only by hippies and new age eccentrics.

Perhaps it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. It may require a leap of faith, but it’s worth doing. There are numerous health benefits associated with meditation. The science tells us this and you can’t argue with science. It appears that meditation is really good for you.

It’s easy to get preoccupied with TV or the phone. When it comes to things that are good for us we seldom have the time. Too busy to be zoning out on the kitchen floor whilst perched on a cushion. Meditation may seem like a waste of time, but studies suggest your health can benefit greatly from doing it.

The benefits of meditation

Relaxation is not the only benefit that can come from mindfulness. Meditation can have a positive impact on all kinds of things like heart rate, blood pressure, memory, depression, anxiety, anger, stress, pain. These are just some of the things which can be alleviated or improved with this simple activity. The cool thing about meditation is, it doesn’t just affect the body, but your state of mind. We should all get a little zen from time to time. If that’s not enough to get you cross legged this weekend, here’s the clincher, meditation can help you with your weight too.

That’s right, meditation can help you lose weight. There is some evidence, mindfulness can improve your relationship with food by helping you to think more clearly about what you eat. Practising restraint can help you beat your cravings. Improved self awareness can lead to better food and lifestyle choices. In a test study, those that practiced meditation lost more weight than those who did not.

For more information on relaxation and meditation make sure you check out our incredible ebook – All about relaxation. Meditation doesn’t have to take very long – a few minutes each day is plenty. It doesn’t require specialist equipment either. All you need is a warm, quiet area with few distractions and the will to proceed…

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