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3 Essential tools to help you lose weight.

We were recently asked if there are any essential tools to help you lose weight.

Yes, and losing weight is definitely going to be easier with the right tools. Here are 3 invaluable tools which will help you to get the job done.

1. A meal plan

You’ll find it easier to lose weight if you have a healthy weight loss plan to stick to. It doesn’t matter which one you use. Try our 28 day meal-plan or another plan, but try to avoid using the various fad diets.

A good plan should help you lose weight gradually and safely. It should include a wide range of nutrient rich foods. It shouldn’t be too restrictive. Ultimately, it should help you control the amount of calories you consume each week and at the same time give you everything your body needs.

2. Tracker

A fitness tracker or smart watch measures your daily steps and a variety of other things like calories used and number of hours slept. You can get a fitness tracker for less than £25. They really are one of the best investments you’ll ever make. By wearing a fitness tracker, you’ll get to know how active (or inactive) you are. By monitoring your steps, you can increase or decrease activity as necessary.

Tip: Aim for 10,000 steps daily (70,000 per week) but don’t worry if you have the odd bad day. If you do 7,000 on one day, just make sure you do more the following day. I try to make sure i get at least 50,000 steps done each week as a minimum.

3. Measuring tools

You can’t wing it when it comes to portion size. How can you eat the correct portions of food, if it’s not carefully measured out. Cooking too much food will mean too many calories on the plate, which only lead to one thing, additional weight gain. Get yourself a good set of food weighing scales preferably with a digital display.

Other helpful measuring tools are measuring spoons, measuring cups and a measuring jug. A pasta sizer would be helpful if you eat carbs. Once you have these you can make sure you stay within your calorie limits. Without them, you won’t have consistency. Relying on a wing and a prayer is no good, more often than not, you’ll get it wrong.

Take care of these essentials daily.

  • Keep meal plan pages on your fridge for easy referral
  • Remember to keep your tracker charged and wear it at all times
  • Always measure your portions

If you are struggling with your weight, these are the tools i’d recommend more than any other. They’re all essential, cheap, simple to use and will make the task easier. Why make your life more difficult, everyone should get these tools to help them lose weight.

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